Top 10 Ways How to Improve your English (from my students)

I promised English learning tips on this blog, so here goes:
Actually, this is a list compiled by two of my star students (who have since retired to get ready for their college entrance exams!) Isn't it ironic and sad that studying EIKAIWA or English conversation is seen as mutually exclusive from doing well on your tests? Sigh!##

Anyway, here's the list, which I thought was pretty darn good:

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your English (in no particular order)

--Check unknown words in the dictionary and mark them

--Listen to CDs to check correct pronunciatioin

--Watch foreign movies in English like Star Wars (Friday, Saturday on Japanese TV)

--Be interested in the culture of English-speaking countries

--Take English proficiency tests (the STEP test) to motivate yourself

--Have friends who also study English (you can share knowledge)

--Go to English conversation classes (like Able, in Joetsu, Niigata)

--Write English sentences and have them checked by your English teacher, and get a penpal

--Talk to the ALT (Assistant {Native} Language Teacher) at school -- it's free!

If anyone would like to add to this list, please do!
Also, thanks to Tomohiro and Ken for this EXCELLENT list. Good luck on your exams!

(I also teach at ABLE English Conversation Club. Our website is:


check out the games corner for kids, even if you're a native speaker!)


Design2Market said...

Hi Charlie. Just read your blog story. Very moving. My son is 9 years old and I want to make the best of the times we have together. I think it's important to retell stories such as these to remind ourselves (and each other) that the most important things aren't the possesions we have, but the relationships we have.
Thanks again.
Steve, in Silicon Valley.

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