Speaking of Toddlers...

I've been promoting the Talking to Toddlers audio course on this blog, and I must say that since starting to use it...well, let's just say that bedtimes are much less stressful, just because we are now thinking about what we will say to our kids before we actually say it.

But after all this talk of Toddler misbehavior and Toddler tantrums, I thought it would be fun to show you a little girl, Jessica, who is high energy, in all the right ways:


Shopping Spree!

Sometimes, when things are feeling not-overwhelming, and like on a rainy night like tonight, I'm sitting at the computer and an email comes up. Or a suggestion by a facebook friend. Or a Twitter Tweet.

So I click on the link and sometimes what I see is really good.

If the mood is right, and (in theory) when I haven't spent much in a while, or if the stock market had a good day (see, searching for justifications) I'll click on the "Pay Now" button, and get another digital product on my harddisk.

This week, I finally bought Emiko her own copy of "Talking to Toddlers" (yes, that's my very own affiliate link)

Then I got word of Everett Bogue's "Minimalist Business." You can read about it on his own blog, at (no affiliates here!)

And then, I went downright crazy and bought an NLP certification course.

Don't know what it is about NLP that keeps calling me back.

...reviews forthcoming!


My Canadian friend Chris is offering a special deal out of respect for overworked moms on this Mother's Day:

His program, "Talking to Toddlers," uses NLP communication techniques to make the "discipline" of a 3-4-5 year old more like a child's play (literally)!

Chris is taking 50% off the usual price if you order thru Mother's Day, and if you use this link:

Mother's Day Special!

You'll get about 3 hours of instruction on MP3s, as well as a bonus childrens activity book.

Yes, the MP3s are about 3 hours. That's about how much sleep you can save in a night using this program....a small price to pay for peace in the house!

By the way, I'm an affiliate and a user. Emiko has heard me talk about this before...Guess what she's getting for M Day this Sunday??

Thanks and feel free to leave comments...