Shopping Spree!

Sometimes, when things are feeling not-overwhelming, and like on a rainy night like tonight, I'm sitting at the computer and an email comes up. Or a suggestion by a facebook friend. Or a Twitter Tweet.

So I click on the link and sometimes what I see is really good.

If the mood is right, and (in theory) when I haven't spent much in a while, or if the stock market had a good day (see, searching for justifications) I'll click on the "Pay Now" button, and get another digital product on my harddisk.

This week, I finally bought Emiko her own copy of "Talking to Toddlers" (yes, that's my very own affiliate link)

Then I got word of Everett Bogue's "Minimalist Business." You can read about it on his own blog, at (no affiliates here!)

And then, I went downright crazy and bought an NLP certification course.

Don't know what it is about NLP that keeps calling me back.

...reviews forthcoming!

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