Law of Attraction and Letting Go

Just want to give you an interesting story about "letting go" of results.

As you may know I had been working on getting kids to come on a study exchange trip to the Philippines this summer.

With that and another camp to organize, I had been feeling some strain from trying to recruit participants.

I felt the peak of my frustration when I asked my morning elementary boys, "Are you ready for the camp?" and they said, "What camp?" or at best, "dunno yet."

Well, obviously they were not as commited to the project as I was.

The Philippine group is a bit older, but no less non-commital.
Me: "So, have you decided if you're going to go?"
Them: "Not yet."
Repeat above conversation daily for 14 days.
Me: "What information do you need to help you decide?"
Them: "Dunno."

Well, I finally got sick of pulling them where they didn't want to go, so I just "released" it.

It was up to them, about the camp, and about the Philippines. I had "promoted" all I could, and the ball was in their court.

However, for the Philippine trip I wrote as a To Do List Topper: "The five members for the Philippine trip have been decided, and I am relieved and excited."

Then I just let it go. I admit there was a bit of "Screw 'em" sentiment when I un-invested from the outcome, but it was a conscious removing of energy from the result.

SO, the first thing that happened was that I felt a LOT better, immediately!
Lighter, kind of, but with a sense of anticipation, like that there-is-something- good-waiting-in-the-mail kind of feeling.

For the first time in two weeks the bounce in my step returned, and I mean, THAT day.

Then I got a phone call from an old student, who said she wanted to come on the trip. I had invited her days before, just on an inkling.

The other boys started to show some initiative and decision-making
ability to actually commit to going or not going.

So three days later, we ARE going to the Philippines next month, and though one boy is still negotiating with his father, we got enough members (five counting me) to make the trip feasible.

The camp in the mountains was cancelled, but we all seemed the better for it.
The younger boys don't feel "pressured," to do something they are not really sure about, and I have an extra weekend to polish that grant application!

It really does seem that things work out for the best.

And I think I am starting to get this "letting go" business.

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