2 days ago, I buried myself in the "mystical" ceramic baked pellets made from a mysterious energy-giving "power stone" in a southern island in Japan. Kind of like a hot bath, the above title is the Japanified pronunciation and spelling of "Sand Bath." I have written before about my friend trying to multi-level market me, and get me to experience this health elixir.

So I let them bury me in mystery nuggets.  I sweated up a storm, and literally felt my hands and feet pulsating with the heat.  They told me this was my capillaries opening up, that my body was being cleaned from the inside out.  When I got out of the "sand," they filled it up with hot water again, and pointed knowingly at the film (yuk!) on the water.  "You have a lot of impurities built up in your back and neck. See?"  Well, I didn't really see, but I was not surprised when they recommended the extended course.

I don't think I will be back for a while.  The tension in my neck and shoulders did not vanish.  I had another healthy wild rice lunch there.  And I did feel a bit lighter. (Sweat/water loss?)

The rest of the day got worse.  I found out one of my English classes (where the little girls gave me valentine's chocolates last week) will be closed, starting next month.  An insensitive financial decision. Within the hour, I had to go tell the mothers that their kids would have no class to attend in 3 weeks.  I felt really betrayed by the English school, but perhaps, on reflection, perhaps that is the nature of the beast.  They see four expendible bodies, I see 3 girls and a little guy who love English, and who have improved, who look forward to coming and playing in English. I haven't felt that angry in a long time.

 To complete the day, I also found out there wasn't enough income in I CAN's vaults this month to pay my salary.

 Maybe I shouldn't have gone to the "sandobasu" after all! 

Then again, I could choose to believe that the rest of the impurities were being purged from my being....

On the next day, the kids at I CAN and I made bibimbap, the Korean dish, at a cooking facility in town.  A bit of work, but looking back, with shopping, cooking and eating, they had a very good Free-Schoolish day, full of teamwork and success.

Also, in an interesting development, the college student who came by to volunteer last month (FP1 gratitude card recipient) came back for the entire day, and spent the night until Thursday.  On Wednesday night, we had a good discussion about what he wants to do in the future, and it looks like it may be possible for him to work for a cram school here in town while helping I CAN during his off-hours.  It looks like there should be a way to make a win-win for everybody with this guy.

Of course, I've only known Abe san for 3 days, and I don't know how he will be with kids, but they seem to like him, and it seems like a worthwhile avenue to pursue.

Finally, on my scorekeeping front, the scale read 68 kilos when I went to bed last night, a new low(!)

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