Best 10 News, everyday for a month: a new way of journaling

In December, I have all the kids at I CAN write their 10 biggest news events for the past year. Personal events, like passing an important test, taking a trip, or meeting someone new. And I have often said that it would be an interesting experiment to write the best 10 events for every day rather than yearly.

The point? Well, it is related to gratitude, journaling and reflection. I am hoping that by making a commitment to writing 10 best things everyday, my appreciation for each event will increase (”a delicious dinner by Emiko,” “A great conversation with the man at the bank,”)

Part of the exercise is to stop to remember the good parts of every day. Even the little ones.

Here goes:

1 Beautiful, crystal clear blue-sky morning

2 soccer and laughter at I CAN

3 some good “management communication” with Abe, telling him how his negotiations with the horses-NPO might have gone better

4 choosing “variety salad” from the supermarket instead of “chicken wraps” from KFC

5 Watching the acceptance speech of Barak Obama

6 A good dinner at home, Yuto, Eli, Emiko and me sharing at the dinner table

7 When Yuto said, “I wanna help you, Daddy.”

8 Conversation with Mizuho’s mom and finalization of I CAN membership sign-up

9 Yurie’s payment of yearly dues

10 Laughter about Emiko’s and my poor use of each other’s language.

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