Nov 22~23 best 10 at Yoga Weekend

Good rejuvenation at one of my favorite places.

1. Meeting 2 new people, in person, via Facebook! Angela and Holly were fun new additions to this group.

2. Shiatsu (finger pressure) massage!

3. 2 days of delicious, self-grown vegetarian dining

4. Hugs from Akai san. I swear she is the only woman in Japan to do this greeting.

5. Too-hot-at-first, then just-right onsen (hot spring) bath.

6. Cold, clear sky with stars twinkling after our trip to the public bath.

7. Getting to know Takako, the lady who comes up for English lessons is now also my yoga partner/masseuse.

8. Foot massage? Not massage of the feet, but by the feet. You know, having someone step on your lower back and knead it with heel/toe.

9. Getting up early for a morning walk in the mountains. White with first snow, they were beautiful!

10. The fresh vegetables we picked and Akai san whipped together for breakfast.

11. The whole deal. Peaceful, restful, refreshing.

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