Nov 25 Best 10

1. Keeping a promise to Yuto by buying him a kind of steamed-curry meat bun. I don’t know why, but it seemed important enough that I visit a few convenience stores to find this snack that I promised him yesterday. The smile on his face was worth the effort!

2. Nice hot shower to wake up from the cold night.

3. Mr. Okaniwa’s visit. It looks like our new member/donator will be dropping by for chats. About 65, with a little extra time and money now, he has found our little non-profit. A delightful man.

4. Keitaro’s University application is due on the 30th, and is coming down to the wire. It feels good to help him clean up the English on his essay, but there is still a long way to go in merely a day or two!

5. Melted cheese on toast with seasoned salt and pepper. Simple, a tad junky, but warm and soothing today at about 3:00.

6. Abe’s comment today in the car: “I think I’d like to start taking on more responsibility…” Fantastic. On the downside, I could only pay him about 90 bucks for his efforts this month.

7. Very productive meeting with the horseriding NPO we are trying to joint venture with for just a day next month. Amazing how crossed our signals had become (thanksgiving vs. christmas, our place vs. theirs, budget, etc) All these negotiating bits had waited until today. Now it seems we are back on track for a successful event come Dec. 7.

8. Nice, little tidbits of English from the little ones: a non-prompted, “Hi Charlie, how are you?” makes a world of difference. Little bits of natural(istic?) conversation mixed in with the “lesson.” The Santa is Coming to Town girls continue to amaze me.

9. A good conversation with Blair at the Engish school. Though we spent some energy criticising our last collegue, we are both looking forward to the new one, who’s visa “eligibility” just came through from the immigration office here. If all goes well, we will be welcoming a new teacher in 2~3 more weeks.

10. Hitting the hay before…um. 1:00?

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