Nov 24 Best 10

1. Sleeping in.

2. The fact that today, “Thanks for the Workers Day” was a holiday. Kind of a cross between the American “Thanksgiving” and “Labor Day.” Only a single, one-on-one English class in the evening, which went well.

3. It’s been a while since I rode the highway (freeway?) bus. Nice to be able to sleep, as a passenger, than have to fight the rain, fight for parking, etc.

4. I was taking the bus going up to Niigata city, the prefecture capitol, for a Free School Lecture. The speaker, Keiko Okuchi, is kind of the guru of the free school world here. Hearing her presentation, I was re-inspired and re-energized to continue with this work.

5. Ms. Okuchi invited me to their National event in Tokyo in January (to speak?) Bullet train expenses paid;)

6. A hot pastrami sandwich and a Starbucks cappucino. Yes, I go all out when I go to the big city…

7. Seeing my family after 2.5 days. The freedom I enjoy when they are at grandma’s is one thing, but the reunion is even better.

8. Communication with Emiko in the car. When the kids are asleep in their carseats, we finally can stop singing “Ultraman” songs and have adult conversation. One of the things I love about emily is that she is always trying to improve herself.

9. Rain. Rather than snow.

10. Something is stirring about writing a book…

11. Whatever I do next!

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