Nov 27 Best 10

This could be hard because of another blow-up at home and a few large “past due” notices at work…but here goes:

1. It was Thanksgiving! My favorite holiday the whole year, though it’s a bit different over here…

2. Before today’s mis-communication (read: meltdown), Emiko made a great poster for I CAN and the Pony group’s joint project this morning. The things she can do with a Microsoft Word program always amaze me.

3. Nice weather. Abe decided to use his time on another part time job he has to support his I CAN habit: delivering fliers, door to door. It gave me some much longed for alone time at I CAN, as Yuki was still out sick.

4. Just when I was about to get bored, my best friend and former Engish teaching comrade Simon came in the door for a visit. I have missed having him in the English school’s staffroom. Very nice to see his friendly face today.

5. After lunch and an argument at home, I tried to continue the donor canvassing from yesterday. All the low-hanging fruit has been taken by now, so thinking about where to ask is becoming more of a challenge. On the other hand, sitting down and listing possible donors starts to shift the mind into a more resourceful (abundant-thinking) state. I felt like making the list itself was important work.

6. Then I got started knocking on doors. A few false starts, then I went to UKIO, a hundred year old Japanese garden restaurant right in the middle of town. It is gorgeous, and happens to be owned by my former boss, Mr. Oshima. I like to arrive without calling. Though I lose points in business manners, I get a lot more done, meet a lot more people, and get my foot in more doors by actually being there, standing in front of the person in charge.

Today I met Mr. Fuse (Fu-say) who was remarkably friendly and happy to chat. I hope to plan another “foreigners event” at this restaurant, with geishas and everything, so we talked about what that would be like. (answer: quite expensive! You seen the rates of geisha lately?!)

Before long we were talking about who we were, personally, and it seemed as if I had made a new friend. Doubly nice if he decides to make a contribution to I CAN ;)

7. Getting greeted like a lost king at the NPO support group. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it’s because they want more attendees at their 10th anniversary event this weekend. I should probably go, but it is right on Yuto’s 4th birthday this Sunday.

8. At an evening English class, one of the little (11?) girls who had been driving me crazy with her attitude, for the first time since I met her two months ago, seemed cute. I’m not sure if cute is the right word, but for the first time I could see her as a little girl who, despite flare ups, was really doing her best in english class.

9. Same story, different class: one of the giggly, screw-around boys stood up and gave a near flawless english presentation. Smiles.

10. A wonderful call between classes on my cellphone. It was Yuto, on his mom’s phone, calling to tell me I had forgotten a pink plastic monkey at home that he was certain I needed for work (yes, we have pink plastic monkey toys at my house. No, I don’t need them for work). Also he wanted to get a haircut. Also would I try to pick up the new Narnia DVD for him this afternoon. Amazing to me, because this whole conversation was in his second language, English.


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